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Dr. Jeff Anderson

Licensed Psychologist 

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The journey of life is rarely the straightforward plan we thought we had carefully mapped out.  We may have had clear plans for careers, for relationship and connection, or for a certain place in life.   But our map may not have included the unforeseen detours, road closures, damage experienced, or last-minute changes that our journey often includes.   Sometimes we even reach our destinations but find that it doesn’t offer all we thought it would bring.  Life has some times of struggle.  We may have journeyed through moments that were overwhelming and traumatic that have left their scars, or times of grief where moments of joy seem diminished.   There may be specific frustrations in where we are in career, or relationship, or difficult emotions or anxiety that steal our joy, and sour how we feel about ourselves.  We realize that we need something to change.  Therapy can be a resource for bringing about that change and growth.  As your counselor my job is to come alongside during this moment of your journey, to begin to help you chart a path that deals with specific barriers, and help heal some of the damage.  To help you begin to feel, understand, and then manage those pesky emotions; and to move with positive change and growth to a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful now.

My Story


I grew up in Washington State, and raised my family near Portland Oregon.   I wanted to be a therapist from an early age, actually as early as 8.   This was probably as much from some very early support I received after experiencing some early school anxiety, as well as finding a deep joy in engaging with people on a one-to-one level as I grew up.   Conversation over a good cup of coffee was a highlight for me as a high-schooler and is undiminished even now.  There was a joy in hearing another person’s story and journey and being able to be a support.   The study of psychology has been a passion from my early schooling until now, spanning many decades now.   My own life has known much of journey from raising my children to being widowed. All the events in our lives shape us, and give structure to that journey.  Being a therapist and engaging in the work of therapy has been and continues to be a place of great joy in my life.

In therapy I strive to join with you in a caring collaborative way that provides safety and a warmth of connection creating a space for growth.  I strive to create an honest, conversational space to explore what is meaningful and purposeful in your life, and from those values find ways to feel, understand and manage the emotional space, and deal with very concrete issues facing you now.  This will only happen when you feel seen, heard, respected, and understood.  



My Therapeutic Approach


I have always valued the importance of real and warm connection in the therapeutic process.   It is this place of being seen and heard and valued that is foundational for the safety required to do the hard work of change and growth.   I use an integrative approach to walk through the unique issues you face in a way that makes sense for you.   From the exploration and insight that techniques from psychodynamic theory provides, to dealing with specific strategies to target behavior and thoughts (CBT), and emotions through emotion focused therapy (EFT), and seeing all of this from how our experience of relationship and connection has shaped us.   While focusing on now, it can be helpful to explore where the past has had its impact, what is occurring in the moment, and what movement is desired going forward.  While all of these techniques and strategies are useful, it all needs to be in the service of real growth, real understanding, and real change.  This means real individual solutions and strategies to manage where life is hard now, and movement toward the next step in the journey.


Education and Training

I received a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University in 1995, and worked as a therapist in Portland Oregon in several Community Mental Health Centers; working with clients from many different backgrounds, and many different struggles.   I then returned to school for my Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D.) which I completed at George Fox University.   During this time of my journey as a therapist I had the opportunity to work in a hospital setting, and saw and worked with individuals experiencing intense moments of crisis in their life.  10 years ago, my journey led me to Texas where I worked extensively with university students as they struggled through past trauma, significant life choices, and relational struggles.   During this time, I also had the joy of training young Master and Doctoral level therapists in learning how to join in this important work.   All of these different experiences have given me opportunity to work extensively with individuals walking through trauma, through relational conflict, depression and anxiety, and a wide range of other problems.   Yet even with the wide range of clients I worked with, each encounter is unique.  You are a unique person walking through a unique journey with a real process as we pursue health, growth, meaning and purpose that reflects your values and your unique experience.

Services Offered by Dr. Anderson

Individual Therapy for Adults struggling with:

  •  Trauma

  •   Anxiety

  •  Depression

  •  Grief

  •  Relational Issues

  • Adjustment Disorders

  • Loss of Meaning or Purpose –  informed by clients values or faith

Couples therapy for Adults struggling with:

  • Relational Conflict

  • Decrease in connection


  •  Adults

  • Couples 

Dr. Jeff  takes clients with  

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • United Health Care 

Rates for Dr. Jeff Anderson

  • $ 175 Individual Session (1 Hour)

  • $240  Couples Session (1 1/2 Hours)

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