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Frank Chapa 

Licensed Professional Counselor

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It is a very human experience to encounter a challenge which we find difficult to overcome on our own at some point in our lives. Perhaps for you, this challenge has been significantly impacting your life in a negative way, and as a person who wears many hats, all those parts of your life seem suffer as well because of it. It can be difficult for your family, career, academics, social life, romantic life, hopes, dreams, and personal happiness to flourish when you’re stuck at this crossroads. Whether you have some or no insight about what you can do to fix the problem, one thing is certain: you aren’t happy with how things are going and you’d like to do something to create positive change. As your counselor, I’d like to work with you to create that positive change. I help to bring back your joy and confidence once again by collaborating to develop those tools you’ll need to address your concerns now and in the future.



My Treatment Approach


   I begin with a listen-first approach. Our time together is about understanding the unique factors of your life, understanding your concerns, and finding a way to reach the goals you bring to session. It is impossible to help you get where you want to go, without giving you an open space to share your story and understanding its details, and we make ample time for that. Know that I have 100% unconditional regard for my clients. Our world is composed of different lifestyles, tastes, values, worldviews, etc. You will never experience judgement from me concerning how you live your life or the issues your bring to session.  I use only evidence-based/efficacious approaches, supported by research, and I strive to remain actively aware of the most current events and mental health trends/developments.

My therapeutic approach is based in cognitive behavior therapy. Understanding thought, behavior, and emotion and their interaction within an individual, can help us understand how various problems come to be formed. I also use acceptance and commitment therapy to understand how emotion impacts our decision making, and what we can do to help you align those decisions with your values and goals seamlessly. Lastly, although I work primarily in these two formats, it is difficult to say which approach would be best for your situation until we understand it better. Sometimes, the best approach depends on the person and situation.

Highlight of Issues I Address:





Career/Personal Growth


Relationship and Dating Concerns

Life Changes

Phase of Life Concerns

Teens’ issues



  • Children

  • Teens

  • Adults

Approaches I Incorporate:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Motivational Interviewing

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Trauma-Focused CBT

Behavioral Parent Training or Parent Management Training

Exposure Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy

Stress Inoculation Training

Life Coaching

My Education and Experience

I attended the University of Houston-Clear Lake where I graduated magna cum laude, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I continued my education at University of Houston-Clear Lake, earning my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Before joining Cypress Counseling and Psychotherapy, I worked in the greater Houston area providing individual counseling to adults, teens, children and couples. Additionally, before becoming a counselor, I spent over a decade working with kids and teens in afterschool and summer camp programs. I also spent five years working in higher education as a life coach and academic advisor at various colleges and universities.


Rates and Insurance for Frank

Private Pay
$140.00  Per Session 


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • United Health Care 

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