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What is Boutique- Style Therapy (and Why You Need It!)

What is Boutique- Style Therapy (and Why You Need It!)

Here is a question…

When you hear the word “therapy,” what do you think of?

Is it a stern looking man in glasses holding a clipboard? Or maybe a long green couch in a dark room with no window? Do your palms start to sweat at the thought of talking about mental health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome! This blog is for you.

The team at Cypress Counseling & Behavioral Center is SO excited to officially introduce boutique-style therapy services to Cypress, Texas. In our modern private practice, we believe in providing a safe place where clients can feel seen, heard, and understood. In fact, we are kind of famous (no, seriously!) for our boutique therapy approach.

What does that mean, exactly?

Let’s find out.

What makes Boutique-Style Therapy Different?

When you go to Starbucks, the baristas get your order exactly right. Extra whip cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, light ice, unsweetened almond milk…your drink will be created to suit your specific tastes and preferences.

Boutique-style therapy in Cypress, Texas works the same way! Think of it like this: each therapeutic service is customized to an individual’s unique needs. Unlike other providers, Cypress Counseling & Behavioral Center doesn’t use a one size fits all approach.

Instead, people struggling with different emotional stressors will get:

· Individualized treatment

The #1 reason why boutique therapy is so popular is simple: no two people are the same. Whether it’s treating trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, or navigating relationship issues, we want to help (in a way that works for YOU).

· A comfy, relaxed, friendly atmosphere

Walking into therapy shouldn’t feel like going to the hospital – cold, dull, and scary. That’s why boutique-style therapy rooms are designed like home! Sit back, relax, and enjoy hanging out in an ultra-modern environment.

· Hablas español? Do you speak Spanish?

Another cool thing about therapy boutique is the ability to connect with people in their preferred language. Our staff speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

· Long-term relationships built on trust

Imagine a monthly session with a therapist, only to have them forget your name. Yikes. Unfortunately, many therapy providers are overwhelmed with busy caseloads. But with a boutique practice, our clientele list is smaller, which guarantees one-on-one attention from dedicated and compassionate staff.

Who can benefit from Boutique Style Therapy?

Literally everyone!

According to statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately one in five American adults has a mental illness. If you have been searching for a counselor or therapist, Cypress Counseling & Behavioral Center would love to hear from you.

Let us guide you to a better sense of well being. You don't have to do it alone!

Click here to get started.

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