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Click on the Video below to learn about Marcey Heschel, Therapist

Marcey Heschel
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


It can take a great deal of courage to seek help and support.

If this is your first time considering therapy, or you’re returning

after some time, I commend you.  Reaching out is often the

toughest step. And, because of this, I make it my mission as

a therapist to ensure my clients the most comfortable, confidential,

and non-judgmental experience possible. 

Since one of the most important factors in client outcome is the

relationship with the therapist, I work hard to build authentic

rapport with each person who enters my office.

I believe strongly in the therapeutic impact of empathy and

unconditional positive regard.  When clients feel heard and

understood, they often become the source of their own solutions,

which can be a very empowering experience.

I also believe that therapy is most effective when we explore the

source of our self-limiting beliefs. This involves looking into our

family of origin, and how we came to think, feel and behave as

we do. Through exploring the source, clients often come to see

themselves in a new light which helps them develop a deeper sense

of self-love and worth.

And, much like the courage it takes to seek help in the first place, it

also takes a great deal of courage to explore sources of trauma and

hurt.  Once a client is ready and rapport has been established, we

begin to safely descend into these places. Therapy is a process of

self- discovery and healing.  Every person is capable of this type of

healing, but it requires willingness.  In my experience, the most willing

and open clients experience the greatest levels of catharsis and healing. 


Whether a client presents with an immediate issue they are seeking

support for, or a life-time of complexities, it is still necessary to explore

the family system because often how we respond to one issue in life is

how we respond to another.  We will look for patterns of thought, feeling

and behavior and seek to understand how these patterns developed.

Most of the time our responses are learned behaviors resulting from

things we were taught or things we learned from our family system. 

I have witnessed how much a client can grow just from identifying

self-limiting beliefs and beginning to challenge them.

Therapy is a journey, and some clients enter my office with very little

to no hope for themselves or for change.  I assure my clients that I

will hold the hope for them until they can hold it for themselves.




I work primarily with :

  • Adolescent issues and self-esteem

  • addiction

  • anxiety,

  • depression

  • highly sensitive people/ empaths

  • multicultural counseling and expats

  • families / relationships/ couples

  • lgbtq2+

  • Personality Disorders


Credentials & Experience:

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

I completed my Master’s in 2014 and finished a practicum and internship with Springboard Addiction Recovery Centre in Midland, Texas. 

I then moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and worked as an intern at the Rekindle Centre for Marriage and Family Therapy.  There I completed nearly 700 hours under the supervision of Dr. Johnben Loy Ph.d, and Chesly Herd LPC-S.

After re-locating back to Canada, I opened my own practice, Mojo Counseling, as a Canadian Certified Counselor and mental health therapist.

I am now back in Texas and finishing my associate hours towards my full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  I am currently under the supervision of Dr. Mee Gaik Lim, PhD,LMFT-S,LPC-S.

Personal Bio:

I am a Canadian mother of two, and my family re-located to Cypress in 2020.  My husband’s job in oil and gas has allowed us to live abroad.  I spent time working in a family therapy practice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which grew my multicultural counseling skills. I also ran my own private counseling practice in Canada, Mojo Counseling.

  I love to travel and learn about new cultures.  In fact, I think travel is one of the best forms of education!  I am familiar with the stress of re-location, and I work well with expatriate families.

My interest in counseling stems from the struggles I experienced as a child and adolescent.  I was a very emotional and sensitive child, and often felt misunderstood, depressed and lonely.  I now identify myself as an empath and highly sensitive person. Through my own therapy and personal development, I’ve come to recognize these characteristics as superpowers.  The work to become an empowered empath is not easy, but it is worth it.  We must learn to heal our inner child, and break co-dependent, people-pleasing patterns.  I can say that it is possible, because I’ve done it, and I continue to work on myself every day.  We only stop growing when we are not open to learning and change.  I consider myself a life-long student.

Because I’m an empath, I can relate well to others and understand the complexities of human emotion.  I love to be able to provide my clients with a soft place to land on a difficult day.  I didn’t have anyone to connect with as a struggling adolescent, so I really enjoy being able to provide connection, empathy and a listening ear for others. 

I understand addiction, because it exists within my family system, and I struggled with it myself as a teen.  Thankfully I found my path at 21, and only look back to reflect on how far I’ve come.  I love to work with struggling teens, because I can relate to how difficult those years can be.

I absolutely love being a therapist, and I believe that this work, along with being a mother, is my purpose.  I always hope that my clients can feel my authenticity and unconditional positive regard.  I believe that people are capable of change, because I myself have experienced the power of spiritual awakening and growth.  

By recognizing our values, and aligning ourselves with them, we become more congruent.  I work to live an authentic life aligned with my values, and I work diligently to help my clients do the same.  I promise you, if you’re open to the therapeutic process, change and healing will come.  I’ll bring the comfortable and safe environment, all you have to do is take the first step.  When you do that, the bridge appears. 


In my spare time, I write children’s books about mental health related topics, such as empathy and mindfulness. I am also an eight time half marathon runner and advanced scuba diver. I believe that exercise and healthy eating are paramount parts of a healthy life.  I hope to meet with you soon.




Marcey Heschel is currently taking new clients and has immediate availability 


Rates for  Individual sessions:

$100 Intake Session

$80 Regular Session 

$150 Couples 


Group Rate: $60.00 per session


Marcey is currently taking 

clients under CIGNA (Group is private pay only) 

Image by Eliott Reyna
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